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suited man looking at his mobile phone whilst walking into airport with luggage holder

Only 20% Of Business Travellers Use A Travel Assistance App

April 2023

A new survey revealed that despite 65% of business travellers having access to a travel assistance app, only 20% actually use it. The main reasons for this are concerns about privacy and cyber security. Yet, travellers should have a travel assistance app on their smartphone when they are away for work purposes for their own protection.

Headshot of Kate Fitzpatrick, Regional Security Director at World Travel Protection

Women in Tech: Kate Fitzpatrick, Regional Security Director

April 2023

As a female leader in the male-dominated tech industry, Fitzpatrick shares her insights on developing a broad range of skills, navigating different cultures, and the importance of preparation in risk management.

female business traveller wearing bright orange top, on her laptop whilst sitting on an aeroplane

Female Business
Travellers Feel Less

March 2023

Do your female travellers feel safe? Almost a sixth of female business travellers have experienced a negative incident, ranging from minor theft to assault when travelling. What are you doing to protect them and make them feel cared for while travelling for business?

young solo female traveller overlooking incredible scenery abroad

Younger travellers more worried about risks of business trips

March 2023

76% of business travellers are concerned about travel disruption and delays. The same survey also found that younger business travellers are more concerned about the risks associated with business trips than their more experienced colleagues.

jolly businessman in green suit strolling with briefcase

Reasons To Be Cheerful In 2023

February 2023

Our industry continues to face tough challenges but there are still plenty of reasons to be feeling positive as we stride into 2023. Kent Hendricks, Business Development Director EMEA, and peers give us 10 for starters…

group of people wearing red at a festival with confetti and drums

Security And Safety The Ultimate Goal

February 2023

Planning an event? Major sports events such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup attract a huge volume of attendees, bringing with them a raft of logistical, cultural and medical challenges. Here are some important takeaways you should consider.

Corporate Risks: Have Insurance Execs Forgotten How To Travel?

January 2023

Regional Security Director, Paul Trotter explains how in the post COVID pandemic world, people have largely forgotten how to travel and the significant implications this has for insurance companies.

warning road sign for pedestrians getting into taxis

State Dept. Warns Cancún Visitors Against Ubers As Taxis Protest

January 2023

Taxi drivers in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico (home of Cancun, The Riviera Maya and Tulum) are dissatisfied with app-based car services such as Uber taking business away from them.

Chinese flag

Everything you need to know about traveling to China

January 2023

China is reopening its boarders to travellers after nearly three years. Yet, the country is experiencing its largest Covid-19 surge to date. Here are the vital things you need to know before you book your trip.

two smartly dressed business travellers reading itinerary on a tablet at the airport

How To Plan A Successful Business Trip

December 2022

Regional Security Director Rodger Cook explains how getting back to basics can help rediscover the lost art of planning successful business trips for Forbes Australia.

woman behind the steering wheel of a car smiling

Here’s Your Insider Guide To Renting A Car In 2023

December 2022

The days of waiting in line at the car rental office after a long flight are nearing an end. According to Forbes, more car rental companies introduced kiosks and apps to streamline the rental process, which can save you lots of time. Frank Harrison, regional security director for the Americas at World Travel Protection, gives tips.

flight times shown at airport on departure screen

‘Schedule Changes Are Miserable’: How To Handle A Flight Change Like A Pro

December 2022

When it comes to air travel, plans can change. As of late, labor shortages, economic uncertainty and a lingering pandemic have made flight schedules even more unpredictable. While there’s no substitute for a travel professional, here are some strategies to use to handle flight schedule changes.

passport identification and boarding pass for flight

Planning To Fly? You’ll Need This ID.

November 2022

For years the United States government has warned travellers they will need a security-enhanced Real ID to board domestic flights, and for years this requirement has been delayed until now. Beginning May 2023, all US travelers will need a Real ID to fly. Regional Security Director Frank Harrison weighs in on the topic.

young woman looking out of bedroom window onto city

Want To Really Get Away? Here’s Some Expert Advice For Digital Nomad Accommodations

November 2022

Finding the right accommodations abroad can be tricky. Here are some expert tips to get the best deals and ensure you’re safe thanks to author and travel expert Christopher Elliott.

ITIJ awards 2022 winners revealed

World Travel Protection wins Assistance Company of the Year Award in the 2022 International Travel & Health Insurance Journal Awards

October 2022

The ITIJ Awards 2022 took place on 27 October at the Megaron Athens Concert Hall, in front of a global audience of travel and health insurance industry professionals.

young tourist in London taking a picture

10 Secrets For Travelling Solo According to Experts

October 2022

Travelling solo can provide a totally different type of experience and allow you to connect with yourself. Here are 10 tips to make sure you’re not caught off guard from Frank Harrison, North America Regional Security Director at World Travel Protection and other experts.

cable car in Dubrovnik overlooking the city

Europe Travel Destinations: Where To Go And What To Do

September 2022

Europe is the top destination this fall for US travelers. Find out where everyone is going, and more importantly, how to find the best deals thanks to author and travel expert Christopher Elliott.

World Travel Protection wins Provider of the Year Award at APAC EMMA's

World Travel Protection wins Provider of the Year Award

August 2022

World Travel Protection has been recognised as the ‘International Health, Wellbeing or Security Management Provider of the Year’ at the annual Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) APAC EMMA Awards.

10 Things to Know About Duty of Care and Travel Today

10 Things to Know About Duty of Care and Travel Today

August 2022

Here’s a roundup of 10 things every company should know about duty of care and business travel in 2022 written by World Travel Protection’s General Counsel Grace Patenall, the legal expert on this matter.

red and white train pulling into train station

Traveling This Summer? It’s Never Too Soon To Start Planning Your Transportation

August 2022

With another car rental shortage this summer, you’ll need to plan your ground transportation sooner, think like a local, and consider alternative ways to get around. Read on for pro tips on how to lock in reliable ground transportation this summer.

lady walking around train station looking at train times on the electronic board

How to Survive Summer 2022 Travel Armageddon

July 2022

Kiersten Brown breaks down why the phenomenon “Travel Armageddon” is happening and tips on how to survive and thrive summer 2022 travel.

cybersecurity technology

Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Tech You Can Use To Secure Your Digitisation Agenda

July 2022

Tech is pushing the boundaries and redefining the future. Our Travel Assist App & Portal were named “notable innovations in business security” for 2022.

Businessman sitting in taxi looking out window

A Sixth Of Business Travellers Have Combined A Work Trip With A Holiday

July 2022

Have you heard of ‘Bleisure’? Bleisure, is combining a work trip with a holiday; ideal right? But only a handful of business travellers do it. Regional Security Director Kate Fitzpatrick sheds some light in the article below.

young man walking through city below colourful umbrellas

The Ultimate Guide To Traveling To Europe This Summer

June 2022

Going to Europe this summer? Here’s the ultimate travel guide to help you avoid 2022 pitfalls and make the most of your time off. Business development director Alex Twiggs shares some tips for business travelers.

young man waiting at airport with luggage

A Summer Travel Survival Guide

June 2022

Travel has changed post-pandemic, here’s your summer 2022 travel guide with pro tips from the experts including North America Regional Security Director Frank Harrison.

insurance claims filings

Tackling fraud in the Middle East and North Africa

May 2022

Recognized travel insurance investigations expert Phil Peart shares his tips in tackling fraudulent claims in the Middle East in this article.

Nurse testing Covid vaccine

False Positive

May 2022

You can test positive for Covid-19 up to eight weeks post infection.Two of our experts, Dr Neil Slabbert, Regional Chief Medical Officer, and Dr. Joel Lockwood, Regional Chief Medical Officer, shed some light on some of the complexities of testing in this article.


Security Expert Shares Holiday Essentials To Pack Including Zip-Lock Bags

April 2022

Here are some top tips on the holiday essentials to pack for emergencies and why it’s worth adding zip-lock freezer bags and a torch to your packing list according to North America Regional Security Director Frank Harrison.

businessman sitting on floor in airport reading

The Travel Landscape in 2022 is More Volatile Than Ever - What Can Be Done About It?

April 2022

The travel environment in 2022 is more unpredictable than ever. As people return to business travel, organizations worldwide are turning to travel risk management solutions for help in navigating the complex risk landscape. Executive VP Mike Nole sheds some light on this topic. Read more below

man stepping over rocks in snowy landscape

Lesson #1, You Can’t Manage Risk Alone

March 2022

If the pandemic and the crisis in Ukraine taught us anything, it’s that no one can manage risk alone. Check out page six in the Canadian Travel Press for a Q&A with World Travel Protection’s Regional Security Director for North America, Frank Harrison.

Ukraine flag blowing in the wind during sunset

Is Europe Travel Safe During Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine?

March 2022

The ongoing war in Ukraine has travellers rethinking upcoming trips to Europe. Our Regional Security Director for North America, Frank Harrison weighs in on whether there is cause for concern. Read the full AFAR article below.

Laptop with screen half down, with glowing lights

World Travel Protection Establishes Special Investigations Unit

March 2022

WTP established a SIU and named Phil Peart, who has decades of investigation experience, as the unit’s Senior Investigations Manager for the Asia-Pacific region. The new unit allows its global security team to aid clients in identifying risks and reduce their exposure to insider threats, fraud, and malicious acts.

infographic showing people using escalators at airport

How To Plan When Travel Plans Are Up In The Air

February 2022

With proper planning and risk management, travel should be back on everyone’s radar for 2022. The next question then, is how should travellers plan when the one thing that is constant is change? Global Security Services Manager, Rodger Cook breaks it down for us.

Man looking up at flight departure board in airport

What To Know If An SSSS Code Shows Up On Your Boarding Pass

January 2022

Our Regional Security Director, Frank Harrison helps break down why travellers get flagged for a Secondary Security Screening Selection while going through security. (SSSS is the TSA’s way of flagging airline passengers for an enhanced screening.) Read on to learn why this can happen.

Man with glasses taking notes on a desk

What’s On Your List For 2022?

January 2022

Travel experts, including World Travel Protection’s Business Development Director, Alex Twiggs discuss the top 11 things a travel buyer should consider each year. Get up to speed quickly with these tips on navigating the changed landscape.

A couple sitting on the wall of a bridge wearing Covid masks

COVID-19 Travel Tips for Insurance Professionals

December 2021

WTP General Manager – Global Security Services, Rodger Cook, shares the latest advice on COVID-19 travel and safety tips. Read the full article for examples what it’s like to travel now as Rodger shares multiple stories of recent travellers navigating new regulations.

woman working from home at desk

Should We be Working from Home Again?

December 2021

With the rapid spread of the Omicron variant this winter, many businesses are wondering if they need to reinforce a complete work from home schedule again. WTP CMO – Americas, Dr Joel Lockwood, discusses what businesses need to consider before making that decision.

man pickpocketing from lady at train station

Why International Travel is Different Now

November 2021

The pandemic has impacted many livelihoods and has lead to an increase in petty crime. World Travel Protection CEO, Adrian Leach, shares how travellers need to be more vigilant when travelling abroad.

the devastation caused by forest fires

Climate Change’s Real and Present Threat to Business Travel

November 2021

Climate change is impacting travel. World Travel Protection Regional Security Director Frank Harrison discusses how organisations need to address this changing risk within their travel risk management program.

person displaying mobile phone at airport with Covid pass on

Everything You Need to Know About International Flights

October 2021

World Travel Protection CEO, Adrian Leach, answers key questions about international travel. From where to get a COVID test and when you need one to what happens if you test positive before returning home, here’s the latest on COVID travel.

VIP luxury private jet with red carpet

Travel Preparations and Assistance for VIPs

October 2021

Private travel is a luxury that comes with unique security considerations. In this article, World Travel Protection shares insight into the benefits and risks of private travel and how we support VIP travellers.

Aircraft on runway in front of mountain range

How COVID-19 Affected Critical Supply Chains

September 2021

While most air travel completely stopped during the pandemic, how have air ambulance providers adapted to travel restrictions and changing safety guidelines? Here, World Travel Protection’s Canada President, Will McAleer, shares his expert thoughts.

man standing at airport waiting to go to departures

World Travel Protection Expands Into the UK

July 2021

Our travel risk management services are now available in the UK. The expansion into this key market comes as borders reopen and international travel resumes, ensuring Britain-based organisations have the right support in place to travel safely.

digital technology coding on screen in different colours

Growing Global Security and Intelligence Capabilities

July 2021

To help further support organisations looking to reduce travel risks, we’ve appointed new security and intelligence lead, Paul Trotter. Based at the Brisbane Command Centre, Paul brings extensive experience in complex political environments to the role.

Frank Harrison of World Travel Protection

Travel Safety Compliance with the New ISO 31030 Guidance

June 2021

How can organisations safely resume travel after the pandemic? Our Regional Security Director, Frank Harrison, shares how best practice models and the upcoming ISO 31030 guidance can provide additional support and reassurance.

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